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艺术及工艺 Arts and Crafts

版画 engraving

贝雕画 shell carving picture

彩塑 painted sculpture

瓷器 porcelain; china

刺绣 embroidery

雕刻 carving

宫灯 palace lantern

国画 Chinese painting

剪纸 paper-cut

景德镇瓷 Jingdezhen porcelain

景泰蓝 cloisonné enamel

蜡染 batik

卖秸画 straw patchwork

木/石/竹刻 wood/stone/bamboo carving

木刻画 wood engraving

泥人儿 clay figure

皮影 shadow puppet

漆画 lacquer painting

漆器 lacquer ware

双面绣 two-sided embroidery

水墨画 Chinese brush drawing ; ink and wash painting

檀香扇 sandalwood fan

唐三彩 Tang tri-colored pottery

陶器 pottery ; earthenware

图章 seal

拓碑 making rubbings from inscriptions , pictures , etc . on stone tablets

拓片 rubbing

微雕 miniature engraving

象牙雕刻 ivory carving

宜兴陶 Yixing pottery

篆刻 seal cutting



戏剧表演 Theatrical Performances

京剧人物脸谱 types of facial makeup in Beijing opera

生 male characters

末 middle-aged male characters

净 “painted face” characters

旦 female characters

丑 clown

京剧票友 amateur performer of Peking Opera

木偶戏 puppet show

独角戏 monodrama; one-man play

皮影戏 shadow play; leather-silhouette show

折子戏 opera highlights

戏剧小品 skit

哑剧 dumb show; mime; mummery; pantomime

单口相声 monologue comic talk

双口相声 witty dialogue

口技 vocal imitations; ventriloquism

说书 monologue story-telling

杂技 acrobatic performance

叠罗汉 making a human pyramid

特技 stunt

睬高跷 stilt walk

马戏 circus performances



神话人物 Mythological Figures

八仙 the Eight Immortals

嫦娥 Chang'e ( the Chinese moon goddess)

伏羲 Fu Xi (God of Fishery and Husbandry)

福禄寿三星 the three gods of fortune , prosperity and longevity

共工 God of Water

后羿 Houyi (a legendary hero who shot down nine suns )

黄帝 Yellow Emperor

夸父 Kuafu (a fabled sun-chasing giant )

女 Goddess of Sky-patching

盘古 Pan Gu (creator of the universe )

神农 Patron of Agriculture

禹 Yu ( the reputed founder of the Xia Dynasty )

祝融 God of Fire


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